Key at the end of which a piece of paper is attached bearing question mark.Key at the end of which a piece of paper is attached bearing question mark.

What is an EAN code?Invoice 17 January 2018

In the world of energy, the EAN code is a valuable piece of data. Without it, consumers cannot subscribe to a deal. But why, exactly? And where is it registered? Respond!
Taking an energy meter readingTaking an energy meter reading

The opening of an energy meter in 4 stepsComparator 4 January 2018

Are you moving house soon? One of your concerns is probably the electricity and/or gas supply to your new home. But just to make sure it’s easy: follow the guide! Respond!
Overview of the home page of the websiteOverview of the home page of the website

How to use our energy supplier price comparison siteElectricity and gas sectorUncategorized 21 December 2017

Are you looking to find the best electricity and/or gas deal? It couldn’t be easier with our comparison site. Below you can find out how to use it to help you save money! Respond!
Two people tearing up a power contract.Two people tearing up a power contract.

How can you cancel an energy contract easily?Electricity and gas sector 15 December 2017

To benefit from electricity and/or gas, you must enter into an energy contract. Different reasons may lead you to this. Find out what steps to take on a case-by-case basis. Respond!
Euro coin and gas flameEuro coin and gas flame

The price of gas: what are you really paying?Electricity and gas sector 7 December 2017

It’s essential to look closely at the details of your gas cost. Why? Because the amounts making up your bill reveal the areas that are costing you the most! The results might surprise you. Respond!